PSExpect – PowerShell Scripts for Testers

Automating tests using dynamic languages isn’t new – but when the dynamic language is new, and it comes with a variety of features that make it convenient for testers, maybe that is worth blogging about.

In this blog, I will focus on using PowerShell for automating tests. If you’re not familiar with PowerShell, then start here.  There are introductory links on that page, including a link for downloading PowerShell.

If you’re not familiar with automating tests using dynamic languages such as PowerShell, then check out the writings of Brian Marick, author of "Everyday Scripting with Ruby", or in its inital incarnation, "Scripting for Testers".

Ruby and PowerShell do have a lot in common, and I intend to build on the commonality in writing about how useful dynamic languages are for testing.  In addition, I intend to highlight where PowerShell might be particularly well-suited because of its heritage (Microsoft .NET).

The 0.2 Alpha release of PSExpect contains basic xUnit-style functions for writing test scripts in PowerShell.  You can find the library on the development site,  Please provide any comments you have regarding the library or the development project itself on that site.


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