PSExpect 0.3 Alpha

Release 0.3 (Alpha) of PSExpect has been uploaded – hopefully it is clear from the samples and the tests that are included that PowerShell is well-suited for automating tests using both data-driven and keyword-driven techniques.

Release notes for 0.3 Alpha are as follows:

  • Addition of a ‘start-test’ function in DataLib.ps1 that uses an Excel named range and a function you build to test a target script or application library. See samplesTest-GetWeatherPerf.ps1 for an example.
  • Addition of a ‘select-row’ function in DataLib.ps1 for those data-driven testers that want more control of their test script and its use of Excel
  • The Excel functions now use reflection to call the Excel COM API – so these should work in cultures other than ‘en-US’
  • Addition of a keyword-driven testing example – using verb-noun pairs from the business domain to write maintainable test scripts.
  • AssertBlock  is renamed to Assert-Block and is now pipeline-aware
  • AssertFaster is now pipeline-aware
  • AssertThrows is now pipeline-aware

Next up: a better explanation of keyword-driven testing using PowerShell.  I’ve included an example in 0.3 Alpha but only in-line comments to explain what it going on and why.


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