The Developer-Tester Double-Triple

I’ve reached a milestone on my current project today – a Developer-Tester double-triple. Triple-digit automated unit tests and triple-digit automated acceptance tests. Unit tests are automated with NUnit and run interactively using and NCover/NCoverExplorer that ships with The automated acceptance tests are all written in PowerShell using PSExpect. The unit tests require about 5-7 seconds to run and the acceptance tests take about 1-2 minutes.

This won’t be all of the testing though, the automated unit tests and the automated acceptance tests are only part of the testing strategy on the project. There are GUI tests to come, but we’ve not yet decided on a tool for automating them, if any. Since we have a focus group of business testers, it might make sense for us to create test checklists for them to use and run those tests manually. We’ll see. We can afford to be adaptable since we’re adapting an existing site and the number of affected pages is less than 5.

There are also additional unit tests to come as the final integration point gets wrapped in. We’ve isolated that point for now with a mock provider but we’ll have to swap out that mock and use the real thing soon –after it passes all its unit tests.


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