Envisioning Next-Generation Functional Testing Tools

I’m at a workshop in Portland this week, participating in a workshop for envisioning the next-generation functional testing tools.  My interest is in how dynamic languages like Powershell fit with functional testing.

My experience on my last project gave me a tremendous amount of hope that Powershell is effective for executing tests and I can easily envision that a cmdlet-adorned application reduces the cost of testing, especially if _all_ the features of the application are exposed through cmdlets.  You just need the scripting skills and the domain knowledge to map the scripts to meaningful user scenarios.

The spreadsheet front-end no doubt that I slapped onto PSExpect helps the business users to get involved, but we need more than their involvement, we need them to be driving it.  We need to support the communication and the craft – two things that are hard to balance.

I’m hoping this week to see what other people are doing, what they are saying they need, and what they have done in their practice to make automated functional testing more mainstream and more accessible to the people with the domain knowledge …



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